Mistledale is a Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition server

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, commonly known as NWN:EE, is available from Steam and other retailers. You'll need to buy a copy to play on the Mistledale server.

Mistledale is a server run by volunteers, similar to a server for games such as Minecraft or Ark. We have no relationship with the people who made or sell NWN:EE.

You can join the Mistledale server by running the game and selecting "multiplayer", followed by "join internet game".


You will then see a list of servers. The easiest way to find Mistledale is probably to sort the servers alphabetically.

As Mistledale is currently in development, it may not be online or available to the public at all times.


New abilities and spells don't go on your quickbar automatically.  Right click on an empty quickslot to assign an ability to it.

You can open your spellbook and drag spells to a quickslot.

You can also drag items such as potions or weapons to a quickslot. If you put your melee weapon in a quickslot and a ranged weapon to a different slot, you can then easily switch between weapons.

You can right click many items or creatures in the game to interact with them. This allows you to attack chests or other objects to destroy them.

Pressing the TAB key will highlight useable objects, such as chests.

Creatures will not spawn close to you. If an enemy seems to appear from nowhere, that means it has been hiding. Training the spot skill will allow you to see hidden foes.

Training the appraise skill will ensure merchants offer you better prices.

If a chest is locked, you will get a lot more loot by picking the lock than from bashing it open.

Key commands

You can check all the key commands by calling up the options screen in game. Some of the most commonly used include:

R: Rest, This restores your spells and abilities, and will heal you

C: Character sheet

B: Spell book

M: Map

J: Journal

I: Inventory

O: Options