Here is a list of the major regions currently on the server, along with their recommended character level. Please note that this is only a rough guide to the difficulty of each region, which can vary significantly depending on the class you play and the number of characters in your party.

These are exterior areas and each one has at least one dungeon  or similar area (such as a keep or castle) to explore. There is no map on this website - you may need to explore to find some of these regions!

Silverhaven (1-2)
Moonsea Ride (2)
Cormanthor: Into the Forest (3)
Ashabenford (4)
Hunter's Glory (5)
The Flooded Forest (6)
Cormanthor: Glen (7)
Cormanthor: The Standing Stone (8)
Cormanthor: Tangled Trees (9)
Swordwood (10)
The Barrowfields (11)
Border Forest (12)
Beast Country (13)